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Valtix customers can use the Terraform Provider to: discover - onboard public cloud accounts, gain continuous asset visibility and detect indicators of compromise (IoC); deploy - Valtix Gateways to protect ingress, egress and east-west traffic; and defend - with multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) dynamic policies with continuously discovered cloud assets.

The Valtix Terraform Provider is a “Verified” provider available from the Terraform Registry. Customers can now use the Terraform Provider for Valtix to bake security into their operations, i.e. on-board their cloud accounts into Valtix, deploy Valtix Gateways and specify security policies to protect against ingress attacks from the Internet (WAF, IDS/IPS, Geo-IP), stop exfiltration on egress traffic (TLS decryption, IDS/IPS, AV, DLP, FQDN/URL filtering), and prevent east-west attacks between VPCs/VNets. The security policies can be specified based on cloud asset tags (e.g., “dev”, “test”, “prod”, “pci”, “web”, “app1” etc.)

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