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Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-on (SSO) using SAML

The Valtix Tenant can integrate with Microsoft Azure AD for Single Sign-On (SSO) for user authentication using SAML 2.0. Valtix will use the SSO for user authentication only. User authorization is controlled from within the Valtix Tenant through user creation (invitation) and authorization (role) assignment.

Valtix Information

The following Valtix information is needed to configure Microsoft Azure AD SSO:

  • Valtix Organization name: ValtixConnectionName
  • Identifier (Identity ID): urn:auth0:valtix-prod:ValtixConnectionName
  • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL):

Note: For ValtixConnectionName please contact Valtix Support to obtain the proper value to use. All other General settings should be left as default.

Azure AD Configuration

The Microsoft Azure AD configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Login to the Microsoft Azure portal

  2. Find and select Enterprise applications

  3. Select New application

  4. Select Create your own application and specify the following:

    • Input name: Valtix-SSO (any name can be specified)
    • Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery (Non-gallery): Check the box
  5. Select Create

    • Note: Wait for the application creation to complete before proceeding
  6. Select Single sign-on

  7. Select SAML

  8. From Basic SAML Configuration, select Edit and specify the following:

    • Identifier (Entity ID): urn:auth0:valtix-prod:ValtixOrganizationName
    • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL):
  9. From Attributes & Claims, select Edit and specify the following:

    • Additional claims

      • Delete all existing claims
    • Add new claims

      Name Value
      firstname user.givenname
      lastname user.surname
      email user.userprincipalname
  10. From SAML Certificates, download Certificate (Base64)

  11. From Set up Application Name, copy the Login URL

  12. Return to Home

  13. Find and select Enterprise applications

  14. Select the application name specified in step (4)

  15. From Users and groups, select Add user/group to add one or more Users or Groups

  16. The Microsoft Azure AD (SAML) configuration is now complete

Azure AD Information

Please provide the following Azure AD information for Valtix to complete the integration:

  • Login URL (from step 11)
  • Certificate (Base64) (from step 10)

Valtix User Creation

To add Users to the Valtix Tenant for user authentication via Okta SSO and user authorization via Role assignment, please see the Users Overview guide.

MyApplications Login

Login to Valtix can be accessed using the Microsoft MyApplications dashboard. The Enterprise application created above will automatically populate an icon for access to Valtix. Once the configuration is completed on Valtix side, the MyApplications icon can be used for login to Valtix.

Valtix Portal Login

Login to Valtix can be accessed from the Valtix Portal dashboard. The email address associated with the user will be used as the login email address. This will redirect to Microsoft Azure AD for authentication. Upon successful authentication, access to the Valtix Portal will be granted.