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Controller / UI Release: 22.07 - August 4, 2022


  • Segmentation and Security Policy
    • Policy Ruleset Grouping
    • Change Policy Ruleset on Active Gateway
    • Selectable PFS Cipher Suites
    • Azure ASG/NSG Tags for Tag-based Address Objects
  • Usability and Workflow
    • Enable Traffic Visibility for GCP in Easy Setup
    • Workflow redesign for Easy Setup
    • Network Visibility enhancements
  • Miscellaneous
    • Performance Improvements
    • Controller Operation Improvements
    • Bug fixes and stability Improvements


  • Enhancement: Adds support for enabling or disabling default PFS Cipher Suites
  • Enhancement: Enhances the Address Object Terraform export to include Azure Application Security Groups (ASGs)
  • Enhancement: Adds GCP support for Enable Traffic Visibility in Easy Setup
  • Enhancement: Refinement to the Gateway deploy workflow to consolidate steps
  • Enhancement: Adds support for changing the Policy Ruleset on an active Gateway
  • Enhancement: Adds support for grouping multiple Policy Rulesets into a single Policy Ruleset
  • Enhancement: Redesign of the Easy Setup workflow
  • Enhancement: Adds filter capability to Enable Traffic Visibility in Easy Setup
  • Enhancement: Adds support for Azure ASGs and NSGs in a User Defined Tags Address Object
  • Enhancement: Enhances Enable Traffic Visibility workflow in Easy Setup
  • Enhancement: Enhances primary dashboard to include Security Considerations information


  • Fix: Fixes an issue where upgrade of older Gateway versions (2.11 and earlier) would not delete the old instance after successful update
  • Fix: Fixes various UI-related issues in Enable Traffic Visibility workflow
  • Fix: Fixes an issue with Gateway update process where not all Gateway instances update
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where field values in the Policy Ruleset table view were not able to be selected and copied
  • Fix: Improves error messages for Service VPC/VNet and Account deletion when deletion is not allowed
  • Fix: Fixes an issue with Event count refresh where old events were shown in the event count after refresh
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Traffic Summary refresh would not retain the Gateway selection
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the Availability Zone was missing from the System Log message generated when a Gateway is unhealthy
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Service End Point (Cloud Service IP) Address Object was not displaying the Cloud Service IP
  • Fix: Fixes various UI-related display issues for Investigate Network States page
  • Fix: Fixes FQDN Filtering Audit Log message to more clearly represent it as an FQDN Filtering action
  • Fix: Fixes various search-related issues that would inhibit search results from being displayed
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where spaces in user-specified Gateway Tags for GCP Gateways would cause issues instantiating the Gateway. GCP does not allow spaces in Tags.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the custom date/time selection in Traffic Summary would not switch UI display to Custom
  • Fix: Fixes various UI-related issues with advanced search for Events and Logs
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Policy change would cause the Policy Rule Status to always show Updating message
  • Fix: Fixes an issue using an information tooltip to emphasize that a user-specified DNS Server IP for Azure Gateway needs to be reachable from the Gateway
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the Azure VNet ID was not displayed in a sub-object of an Address Object that uses Azure ASGs
  • Fix: Provided more descriptive information tooltip for Gateway Minimum and Maximum Instances fields