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Release 2.0 - 2020-04-17

  • Brand new UI with major design and usability changes.
  • Syslog forwarding as an option in the log profiles
  • AZure VPN Gateway Support on the controller
  • ServiceNow integration
  • PagerDuty integration
  • Snowflake integration
  • L7 DOS and application rate limiting
  • TLS events logging
  • Using a single interface for datapath instead of 2 interfaces
  • Online documentation that will be included with the product
  • SNI support for multiple applications to be reachable from the same proxy port
  • AWS Hub-mode using Transit gateway, out of beta/preview
  • F1 out of beta
  • Shared policy set - for gw, cloud and region agnostic security
  • Numerous enhancements/fixes, some of which include:
    • GeoIP
    • Azure ILB
    • Monitoring of resources and alerting using pingdom
    • Better error log events in system logs
    • Use new AWS/Azure SDKs
    • PEN Test fixes

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