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Add/Edit Rule

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Security Policies -> Policy Rules
  2. Click the name of the policy ruleset
  3. Click Create to add a new rule, or click to Edit an existing rule
  4. Enter/modify the following information:
Parameter Description
Name Enter a name for the rule
Description Optional, add a brief description for this rule
Type Select ReverseProxy, ForwardProxy, Forwarding
Service Select the Service object. This object determines the protocols and ports to allow
Source Select the Source to allow access
Destination Select the Destination to forward the inbound requests. For Proxy rules, the destination is always the Valtix Gateway Endpoint
Target Reverse Proxy Only: Select the Target object
Action Select the action to apply (Allow No Log, Allow Log, Deny Log, Deny No Log). This action is only for the Source/Destination and Service. The advance profiles (IPS, FQDN) have their own action
Network Intrusion Select a Network Intrusion profile to attach to the rule
Antivirus Select a Antivirus profile to attach to the rule
Web Protection ReverseProxy Only: Select a Web Protection profile to attach to the rule
Malicious Sources ReverseProxy Only: Select a Malicious Sources profile to attach to the rule
Data Loss Prevention ForwardProxy Only: Select a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) profile to attach to the rule
URL Filtering ForwardProxy Only: Select a URL Filtering profile to attach to the rule
FQDN Filtering ForwardProxy or Forwarding Only: Select a FQDN Filtering profile to attach to the rule
Flow Pcap Select the PCAP option for the rule. Ensure that a Packet Capture profile is configured at the Valtix Gateway level. Whenever traffic matches the rule, a PCAP is generated and saved to the storage defined in the profile
  1. After adding the configuration for the Rule, click Add

  2. Continue adding more rules. Once all the rules are added, click Save. (Don't forget this step)

Delete, Disable, or Clone Rules

To take action on a rule (Delete, Disable, Clone) click on the hamburger icon for that rule to display the action. Remember to click Save after modifying actions.