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Lab 1: Discover

In Lab 1, you will enable Valtix’s discovery features and be able to gather inventory information about your GCP account.


  1. Ensure you have completed pre-requisites.
  2. On your Terraform execution server, navigate to GCP-workshop/valtix-tutorial
  3. Perform a terraform init
  4. Perform a terraform apply --auto-approve.

    • Only the following files are enabled:
    Files State enabled enabled
    • This will onboard your GCP account to Valtix. Valtix will perform an inventory discovery of your GCP account.


  1. Log in to Valtix Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Manage -> Cloud Accounts -> Accounts. There should be an entry for the GCP account that was onboarded.
  3. Navigate to Discover -> Discovery Summary. This page provides a list of cloud resources that was discovered by Valtix. On one page, we see everything in your account.