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GCP Centralized Ingress Protection

The Valtix Gateway is deployed in to a VPC to protect your applications by acting as a Reverse Proxy. Users access the application via the Valtix Gateway. The backend applications are configured on ther Valtix Gateway as a proxy targets. The reverse proxy function requires Valtix to decrypt TLS traffic and perform deep packet inspection. The proxied traffic to the backend/target can be sent as plain text HTTP, HTTPS, TCP or TLS.

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Gateways -> Gateways
  2. Click Add Gateway
  3. Select the GCP account previously created
  4. Click Next

    Parameter Description
    Instance Type Choose the type from the drop down. Supported instance type:
    • GCP_E2_2
    • GCP_E2_4
    • GCP_E2_8
    Minimum Instances Select the minimum number of instances that you plan to deploy. This is the minimum number of instances in each availability zone
    Maximum Instances Select the maximum number instances that you plan to deploy. This is the maximum number that is used for auto-scaling in each availability zone
    Health Check Port Default 65534. Port number used by Valtix Load Balancer to check the health of the instances. Datapath security group assigned to the instances must allow traffic on this port.
    Packet Capture Profile (Optional) Packet Capture Profile for threat and flow PCAPs
    Diagnostics Profile (Optional) Diagnostics Profile used to store Technical Support information
    Log Profile (Optional) Log Forwarding Profile used to forward Events/Logs to a SIEM
    Disk Encryption Select either GCP managed encryption or Customer managed encryption key. For customer managed encryption key, the user will need to input the resource ID of the encryption key.
  5. Click Next

    Parameter Description
    Type Ingress
    Gateway Image Select the image from the dropdown
    Policy Ruleset Select an existing ruleset or choose to create new one
    Region Region where the Gateway is deployed
    Gateway Service Account Email Enter the Valtix Gateway service account email. Ensure that the Service Account has the necessary IAM roles: "Secret Manager Secret Accessor" and "Storage Object Creator".
    Datapath VPC Select the VPC to associate with the datapath interface of the Gateway
    Datapath Network Tag The tag assigned to the network interface of the Gateway in the datapath VPC
    Management VPC Select the VPC to associate with the management interface of the Gateway
    Management Network Tag The tag assigned to the network interface of the Gateway in the management VPC
  6. Select the Availability Zone, the Mgmt Subnet and the Datapath Subnet for the Valtix Gateway. The available subnets will be based on the VPC selected above. The Valtix Gateways should be deployed into multiple Availability Zones.

  7. The Valtix Gateway deployment takes a few minutes to reach an Active state.