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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The Valtix Controller supports Multi-Factor Authentication for an extra layer of security for user authentication. MFA can only be enabled Local users. If MFA is required for SSO user, MFA can be configured on the SSO itself to offer the additional level of security.

Tech Notes

  • Copy the recovery code and keep it somewhere safe. The recovery code is required if you need to login without access to your authenticator app.
  • Use strong passwords to ensure the highest level of security
  1. A user with a newly enabled MFA will be presented a QR code at initial login. To configure MFA, use your preferred authenticator app, scan the QR Code, and enter the one-time code.
  2. Subsequent logins will prompt the user for the authenticator app time-limited code
  3. The user can choose to login using another method by selecting "Try another method", which displays one of the following methods:
    • Google Authenticator or similar
    • Email
    • Recovery Code
  4. In case the user uses the 'Recovery Code' the Valtix Controller will use the code that was input and then display another 'Recovery Code' for future use
  5. If the user doesn't have access to any of the above, then login will not be possible. Please contact Valtix Support to reset your account.
  6. Users with a role of Admin Super (admin_super) or Admin RW (admin_rw) can enable/disable/reset MFA for any user