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Release Features and Changes

Welcome to the features and changes for the 2.10 release. Valtix product, engineering and testing teams have been hard at work bringing many valuable enhancements to the solution. We’re excited to share the list of significant features to help guide you through what to expect with the new release.

This initial release is a Controller/UI and Terraform release only. A Gateway release will be made available in early November, which will have additional enhancements and stability improvements to take advantage of.

We hope you enjoy the new features as we are very proud of the hard work that has gone into making them a reality and bringing them to you, our customer. If you have any questions on the new release, please reach out to Valtix Customer Support. We would be happy to assist.

Release Features

  • Compliance
    • Valtix Controller is PCI-DSS Certified as a Service Provider
  • Usability
    • Navigation Improvements
    • Address Object Expression Display
    • Audit Log Enhancements: Source IP, Refresh button, SIEM Integration
  • AWS
    • Spoke VPC Route Orchestration
  • Azure
    • Easy Setup Workflow
    • Service Vnet Deployment Orchestration
    • Spoke Vnet Protection Orchestration
    • Spoke Vnet Route Orchestration
    • Real-time Inventory Discovery
  • Security
    • Sample Anti-Virus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Profiles
  • Reporting
    • Enhanced Discovery Cloud Visibility Report (CVR)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Controller Operation Improvements
    • Troubleshooting Improvements
    • Bug Fixes
    • Terraform Updates