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Terraform Provider Release: 22.3

22.3.1 - March 31, 2022

  • Enhancement: Adds the IP address of Gateway instance Management interface to the Terraform output
  • Enhancement: Enhances Rule type validation to ensure that a Policy Ruleset configuration is compatible the Gateway type to which it is applied
  • Enhancement: Enhances Service Object and Policy Ruleset validation to ensure that a Policy Ruleset proxy configuration is consistently defined throughout the policy
  • Enhancement: Enhances Service Object validation to ensure proxy consistency between listeners and backend targets
  • Enhancement: Adds support in an FQDN Profile to accommodate the action that should be taken when an FQDN is not present
  • Enhancement: Adds support for use of an SNI when a Decryption Profile is not used
  • Enhancement: Enhances Service VPC validation to only allow selection of Availability Zones that support the Valtix Gateway instance type
  • Enhancement: Adds support for Client CA Decryption Profile (Mutual TLS) in a Service Object

  • Fix: Fixes an issue where changing the Policy Ruleset name when a Policy Ruleset has attached Rules would produce an error

  • Fix: Fixes an issue where Terraform could crash after applying changes
  • Fix: Fixes an issue when using an ICMP Service Object, Terraform will always apply a change even though no change is made
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where Terraform would not produce a warning message if the Gateway could not complete deployment within the time limit and is still in Active Pending state
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the deprecated argument called auto_update in the Address Object was still present. The argument is now removed.