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Security rules enforce least privileged access to applications and apply deep packet inspection and decryption services to secure applications and services deployed in a Cloud account. Rules are added as Policy Rulesets and are associated with Valtix Gateways as follows:

  1. Policy rulesets are cloud account agnostic, enabling multi-cloud security rule management to maintain consistent a security posture across clouds
  2. Valtix Gateway can only be associated with a single policy ruleset
  3. A ruleset can be associated with multiple Valtix Gateways
  4. Individual Rules within a policy ruleset use the inventory data from a specific cloud account to apply cloud and regional specific rules to a Valtix Cloud Gateway.

    • A dynamic address object with Tags used in a rule resolves to a set of IP addresses on Valtix Gateway 1 in Cloud 1/Region 1 and a different set of IP addresses on Valtix Gateway 2 in Cloud 2/Region 2.
  5. Policy rulesets can be created from the Rules page or the Gateway creation wizard. It's recommended to create a Ruleset first and use this ruleset during the Gateway deployment. Creating a ruleset gives an option to give a descriptive name and description.


Create Policy Ruleset

To create a Policy Ruleset:

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Security Policies -> Rules
  2. Click Create
  3. Add a name and description for the policy ruleset
  4. CLick Save

Once the policy rulesets are created, proceed to add individual Rules.