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Terraform Provider Release: 22.7

22.7.1 - August 10, 2022

  • Enhancement: Enhances the Terraform export of Address Object (valtix_address_object) resource to include Azure Application Security Groups (ASGs)
  • Enhancement: Adds support for sending a TCP Reset for a Forwarding rule (valtix_policy_rules) resource when Rule Action is Deny or FQDN Filtering action is Deny
  • Enhancement: Adds support for changing a Policy Rule Set (valtix_policy_rule_set) resource assigned to an active Gateway (valtix_gateway) resource. The operation will deploy new Gateway resources with the new Policy Rule Set using a hitless update method.
  • Enhancement: Adds support for grouping Policy Rule Set (valtix_policy_rule_set) resources into a single Policy Rule Set

  • Fix: Fixes an issue that affected the successful deployment of an Egress Gateway (valtix_gateway) resource into AWS when the Service VPC (valtix_service_vpc) resource has use_nat_gateway argument set to true