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The Valtix Architecture Center provides Reference Architecture diagrams of how the Valtix solution is deployed within each Cloud Provider and for each security use-case. These diagrams describe the architectural deployment scenarios available to address different security requirements. Valtix simplifies cloud security by orchestrating the deploy and management of advanced workload protection. The reference architectures are intended to provide users with information on how the Valtix is deployed and are not intended for manual configuration.

The Valtix solution is made up of a set of components: Controller/UI, Gateway and Terraform Provider. The Valtix Controller/UI is a SaaS delivered component that is managed and maintained by Valtix. The Valtix Gateways are a PaaS component that is deployed within the customer CSP account/subscription/project and managed through the Valtix Controller/UI. The Valtix Gateways are orchestrated and managed by the Valtix Controller using either the Valtix UI or the Valtix Terraform Provider. The Reference Architectures will primarily focus on how the Valtix Gateways are deployed to protect cloud workloads.