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Terraform Provider Release: 23.5

23.5.1 - June 12, 2023

  • Enhancement: Published a Cisco Multicloud Defense Terraform Provider that mirrors the Valtix Terraform Provider. The new Provider is called ciscomcd and will be available publicly in the near future. The Providers will be updated simultaneously and will represent mirrors of each other unless announced otherwise. In the near future, the Valtix Provider will be deprecated and fully replaced by the Cisco Provider.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where deploying a Gateway (valtix_gateway) resource into Azure Zone 1 southcentralus Region would result in an error
  • Fix: Enhances the attributes of a Gateway (valtix_gateway) resource to output the Azure GWLB frontend resource ID when deploying the Ingress Gateway in an Azure GWLB-based architecture. The output is specified as part of the Gateway Endpoint (gateway_gwlb_endpoints) attribute.
  • Fix: Fixes the example in the Policy Rule Set (valtix_policy_rule_set) Group resource to reference the appropriate member resource argument