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Roles play an important part of what a User is allowed to do when accessing the Valtix Tenant through the Valtix Portal. A Role is a privilege that grants the User a set of Permissions.

There are three available Roles:

  • Super Admin (admin_super)
  • Read/Write Admin (admin_rw)
  • Read-Only Admin (admin_read-only)

There are two Permission definitions:

  • Modify - View, Create, Modify, Delete
  • Read - View

The Permissions for each Setting associated with each Role are outlined in the following table:

Setting Super Admin
Read/Write Admin
Read-Only Admin
Users Modify Modify (except Super Admin) Read
MFA Enable / Disable Modify Modify (except Super Admin) Read
Reset MFA Modify Modify (except Super Admin) Read
API Keys Modify Modify Read
Roles Read Read Read
Account > Application Tags Modify Modify Read
Account > Email Domains Modify Read Read
System Read Read Read
Metering Read Read Read
Alert Profiles
Services Modify Modify Read
Alert Modify Modify Read

Only one (1) User within a Valtix Tenant can be assigned the Super Admin Role. This User is seen as the owner of the account and is synonymous with the owner of an AWS Account or a Linux Root Account. All other Users should be assigned a Read/Write Admin or Read-Only Admin Role.

The Super Admin Role is assigned by Valtix and is granted to the first User created when the Valtix Tenant is created. If any changes are required to a Super Admin user, please contact Valtix Support.