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Audit Logs

Audit logs contain details of actions performed by Users. This includes, but not limited to, actions of login/logout activity, creating, deleting, updating, enabling, disabling etc. of Profiles, Rules, Gateways or any User activity that relates to the configuration and operation of the Valtix solution.

Time Format

Logs can be displayed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Local time format. Local means the time zone of the user as configured e.g. USA/Pacific. Date and Time of logs will be displayed in ISO 8601 format (Complete date plus hours, minutes, seconds and a decimal fraction of a second - YYYY-MM-DD T HH:MM:SS:S). Example: 2020-11-22T10:58:46.820

To select, or switch between, different Time Formats, click the radio button as shown:



Logs can be displayed in increment options from 15 minutes to 30 days, or Custom timeframes.

To select, or switch between, timeframes, click the pulldown and select timeframe as shown:


For Custom timeframes, select Custom, the Start and the End date or time by clicking the calender objects followed by Save as shown:

Once complete, the logs will be displayed from the custom timeframe as shown:


Search Filter

Logs can be filtered using the Search function and audit log fields.
The audit log fields are Action Type Source IP User Gateway CSP Account Role

To filter audit logs on one, or multiple, fields:

  1. Left mouse-click in the Search field to access the pull down menu.


  2. Select a field e.g. Action.

  3. Type a desired search string e.g. DELETE.
  4. Add additional fields to the search criteria as required.

Example: Filter for Actions = "DELETE" and performed by user with string containing "steve" would appear in the filter criteria and results as shown: