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Upgrade / Update Valtix Gateways with new image

Valtix releases new images for the Valtix Gateway with new features/bug fixes. The upgrade process is hitless. There is no impact for the traffic during the upgrade. Valtix creates new instances with the new image and once they are online and start to process the traffic, the old instances are deleted.


  1. Navigate to Manage -> Gateways
  2. Select the checkbox for the Gateway you want to upgrade (only one selection can be made at this time)
  3. Select Upgrade
  4. From the Gateway Image list, select the desired image
  5. Click Save
  6. Confirm the CSP resource allocation necessary for the upgrade
  7. Click Yes if the resource allocation is sufficient. Click No if the resource allocation is insufficient, increase the resource allocation in the CSP, and return to continue the upgrade.


You can view the upgrade progress and new Gateway instances being created from the Instances info for the Gateway: Select the Gateway and view the Instances in the Details pane.