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Log Forwarding - Microsoft Sentinel


Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful SIEM that is used by many companies. Valtix supports Log Forwarding to Microsoft Sentinel to send Security Events and Traffic Log information for processing, storage, access and correlation. The information sent is in a semi-structured JSON format where the attribute-value pairs can be accessed and processed.


In order to forward logs to Microsoft Sentinel, the following information is required:

  • Create an Azure Log Analytics Workspace
  • Define an Azure Log Table

Profile Parameters

Parameter Deonticity Default Description
Profile Name Required A unique name to use to reference the Profile
Description Optional A description for the Profile
Destination Required Microsoft Sentinel The SIEM used for the Profile
Azure Log Analytics Workspace ID Required The ID of the Azure Log Analytics Workspace
Shared Key Required The Shared Key used to authenticate the communication
Azure Log Table Name Required Name of the Azure Log Table where the logs/events will be stored