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Controller / UI Release: 22.01 - January 31, 2022


  • Discovery
    • Multi-region real-time inventory (AWS)
  • Orchestration
    • Static IP for Egress Gateway (AWS)
  • User Operations
    • Resource export to Terraform
  • Miscellaneous
    • Controller operation improvements
    • Bug fixes


  • Enhancement: Enhances the architecture of an Egress/East-West Gateway deployment in AWS to use a NAT GW to ensure traffic egressing the Gateway has a public IP address that will not change
  • Enhancement: Enhances the account onboarding process in AWS to enable real-time inventory for all regions by running a single CFT
  • Enhancement: Enhances orchestrating enabling real-time inventory when a user adds a Region to the periodic inventory refresh for an on-boarded CSP account
  • Enhancement: Enhances the Security Profile creation to ensure Security Ruleset Update defaults to Automatic with a Delay (from publish date) of Immediately
  • Enhancement: Adds support for exporting various Valtix resources to Terraform. This feature will be expanded to all resources in future Controller / UI updates.


  • Fix: Fixes an issue in Investigate -> Network Analytics -> Stats where the statics could display incorrect information
  • Fix: Optimizes Security Profile creation and editing speed through a more efficient method of listing Security Rulesets
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where Service Objects configured for TLS proxy with SNI could be applied to Gateways that did not support the feature (pre-2.11 Gateway release versions)
  • Fix: Fixes an issue in the Manage -> Gateways table where the Gateway Policy Rule Status was not being displayed
  • Fix: Fixes an issue in Logs and Events where the Time Range selector was always showing local time even when the time display was set to UTC
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the Policy Ruleset Rule count was only displaying enabled rules. Enhanced to display both total and enabled Rule counts.
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where resource name fields in UI supported greater number of characters than what is supported in the Gateway
  • Fix: Enhances the security of Valtix through Pen testing, ensuring any vulnerabilities flagged by testing have been addressed
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where Security Policy Rules with high-severity CVEs were being represented in the UI as having an Impact of Low
  • Fix: Fix an issue where certain CSP resources created by Valtix during a Service VPC creation did not have account level Tags
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where the CFT used for AWS account onboarding did not automatically fill in an S3 bucket name