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Terraform Provider Release: 22.1

22.1.2 - February 17, 2022

  • Enhancement: Added support for NAT GW creation as part of Service VPC resource creation
  • Enhancement: Added support to use new Action definitions when creating a DLP or IDS/IPS Profile resource. The new Action definitions are consistent with the Actions in the UI.
  • Enhancement: Enhances FQDN Filtering resource creation by allowing more than 8 items per row. The limit per row has increased to 64 items. (requires Gateway version 2.11 or higher)
  • Enhancement: Enhanced audit logging for Terraform operations to include source IP and whether the operation was performed via Terraform vs. the UI
  • Enhancement: Enhances FQDN and URL Filtering resources to use actions consistent with the UI
  • Enhancement: Added support for obtaining data sources for additional resources (Service VPC, Address Object)
  • Enhancement: Added support for VPC and Subnet User Defined Tags in Address Group resource
  • Enhancement: Added support for enabling or disabling a Gateway resource
  • Enhancement: Added Audit Log information to know whether a resource was operated on (created, modified, deleted) via Terraform or UI
  • Enhancement: Updated default setting for Security Profile to use Automatic update mode immediately after publish date (delay of 0 days)
  • Enhancement: Added support to show Gateway IPs in Terraform output

  • Fix: Increased timeout for successful Services VPC/Vnet creation to ensure the CSP has enough time to successfully create the resource and report back success to Valtix Controller

  • Fix: Fixes an issue where an IP/CIDR Src/Dest Address Object resource could be created using a FQDN where the configuration is not supported
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Policy Ruleset Rule is not removed if the Rule name has been changed
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Src/Dest Address Object resource could be used in a ReverseProxy Service Object resource where the configuration is not supported
  • Fix: Fixes an issue where a Policy Ruleset resource change is detected for a Malicious IP Profile resource argument, but no change has actually occurred