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Easy Setup

Easy setup help users through the process of setting up security in the cloud with Valtix. This process guide users to build a centralized security model. This easy setup is a 3 step process:

  1. Add Account
  2. Enable Traffic Visibility
  3. Create Service VPC
  4. Create Valtix Gateway

Add Account

Valtix Controller operates to maintain a single place where all security operation takes place. To begin seeing the value of the Valtix platform, user will add all their cloud accounts in Valtix Controller. This allows Valtix Controller to manage your cloud account and provide visibility into your account. Users can still add account to Valtix Controller using the method described in Account Onboarding for each cloud provider.

Enable Traffic Visibility

Upon onboarding your cloud account to Valtix Controller, Valtix will discover the asset in the account. A list of all the VPCs will be shown and the user can select the VPCs to enable Traffic Visibility. Valtix will use the DNS and VPC flow logs and correlate that with threat intelligences to provide insight into the cloud account

Create Service VPC

Service VPC will act as a centralized security hub where traffic will be inspected. In this step, Valtix will create a Service VPC in cloud account in preparation for gateway creation. User may choose to create Service VPC using the method described in Manage Service VPCs section.

Create Valtix Gateway

In centralized security model, Valtix Gateway is deployed in Service VPC. In this step, Valtix Controller will deploy Valtix Gateway in the Service VPC created. User may choose to create Valtix Gateway using the method described in Ingress section and Egress and East-West section.


  1. Navigate to Getting Started -> Easy Setup -> Cloud Account.
  2. Select the cloud platform to onboard.
  3. Fill in account information and click Save & Continue
  4. Navigage to Getting Started -> Easy Setup -> Traffic Visibility.
  5. Select the VPCs to enable Traffic Visibility.
  6. For AWS and Azure after onboarding account, easy setup will guide user to create Service VPC and Valtix Gateway. Support for GCP will be in future release.