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GCP Overview

This guide provides details on configuring your GCP project so that the Valtix Controller can manage your GCP project. The guide assumes that you already have a project created and have permissions to create VPCs, subnets and service account.

Overview of Steps

  1. Create two (2) service accounts
  2. Enable APIs (Compute Engine and Secret Manager)
  3. Create two (2) VPCs (management and datapath)
  4. In both the VPCs, create one(1) subnet in each of the regions where Valtix Gateways are required
  5. Create firewall rules to allow traffic to the Valtix Gateway (app traffic) in the datapath VPC
  6. Create firewall rules to allow management traffic from Valtix Gateway to the Valtix Controller in the management VPC

These actions can be executed using the GCP Cloud Console Web UI, or using the gcloud CLI. If your computer is not configured for GCP CLI access , then you can use the command line shell from the GCP Cloud Console.

Shell script

A shell script that covers all the above steps with default service account options is available with onboarding instructions here

To perform these steps manually or if you cannot run the scripted setup mentioned above, follow the steps in the next pages.