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Clean Up

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Gateways -> Gateways.
  2. Checkbox the Gateway created in Lab 2.
  3. Click Disable.
  4. Once the status shows as INACTIVE, click on Delete. Wait for Gateway to be removed from the table
  5. Navigate to Manage -> Gateways -> Service VPCs.
  6. Checkbox Service VPC created in Lab 2 and click Delete. Wait for Service VPC to be removed from the table.
  7. Navigate to Manage -> Cloud Accounts -> Accounts
  8. Checkbox the AWS account onboarded in LAB 1.
  9. Click on Delete.
  10. Login to AWS console and go to S3 service.
  11. Manually delete the S3 bucket created by Valtix CloudFormation template.
  12. Go to CloudFormation.
  13. Find the CloudFormation stacks created used in this workshop. Click on Delete. Note: There are 2 CloudFormation stack deployed in this workshop:
  14. CFT in prerequisite used as spoke
  15. CFT used to deploy in Lab 1 to onboard AWS account