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That was easy! Imagine that’s what happens when you’re done deploying security in the cloud. That's the mission for Valtix.

Today, securing cloud workloads is difficult. Keeping track of cloud workloads, changing policies to match the dynamic nature of cloud deployments, and ensuring policy is consistent across multiple accounts are all mundane but necessary work that security admins need to perform and review constantly. This often takes days or even weeks to accomplish and this cycle just repeats itself. Valtix abstracts the complexity and automates the whole process so organization can focus on more important task.


  • Gain visibility to your cloud resources in minutes
  • Deploy security using Terraform
  • Define policies that dynamically adapts to your environment as your cloud resources changes.

Use Case

Network security for:

  • Defense in depth approach to implement a Zero Trust network security architecture in public clouds.
  • Workload segmentation to protect applications based on their contextual security needs: application tiers, development, test, staging, production, compliance.
  • Compliance requirements for network security specified by PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX.
  • Single pane of glass to protect all workloads across all cloud accounts and VPCs:

    • Ingress - protecting AWS hosted Internet-facing applications from attacks
    • Egress - preventing exfiltration and blocking connections to malicious sites on outbound traffic to Internet
    • East-west - stopping lateral movement of attacks between VPCs and subnets, and on-premises networks.