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OneLogin (SAML) SSO Configuration

The Valtix Portal can integrate with OneLogin for Single Sign-On (SSO) for Valtix Portal access user authentication.

OneLogin Setup

The OneLogin configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Create OneLogin application (SAML Test Connector)

  2. Specify the following configuration:

    • Audience: urn:auth0:valtix-prod:ValtixTenantName
    • ACS URL:
    • Note: ValtixTenantName is the name of the Valtix tenant accessed when you login to the Valtix Portal
    • Parameters:

      • Email: User Email
      • Firstname: User First Name
      • Lastname: User Last Name
      • Login: User OneLogin ID
      • Name: macro {firstname} {lastname}
      • Role: User Roles (valtix_admin_super, valtix_admin_rw, or valtix_admin_read-only)

      Note: If a User is assigned to more than one User Roles, the User will be granted the Role with the highest permission level. Example: If a User is assigned User Roles valtix_admin_rw and valtix_admin_read-only, the User will be assigned a Role of valtix_admin_rw since it is a Role with higher permissions than valtix_admin_read-only.

  3. From the SSO section, provide the following information to Valtix:

    • X.509 Certificate
    • SAML 2.0 Endpoint
    • SLO Endpoint