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Discovered Assets

By enabling Inventory in Regions for your Cloud Service Provider account, the Valtix Controller will continuously discover the cloud assets. You can view a consolidated view of these discovered assets by navigating to Managed -> Inventory and filter by specific Accounts using the Select Account dropdown. The view with All Accounts displays a normalized view of all the discovered assets across your Cloud Service Provider accounts.

The Inventory is sorted by resource type:

  1. Security Groups - AWS Security Groups (SGs) and Azure Network Security Groups (NSGs). Note: There is no concept of Security Groups in GCP
  2. Subnets
  3. Route Tables
  4. Network Interfaces
  5. VPCs/VNets - AWS VPCs, Azure VNets and GCP VPCs
  6. Applications - applications are identified by Application Load Balancers discovered in the account
  7. Load Balancers
  8. Instances - AWS Instances, Azure Virtual Machines and GCP Compute Instances
  9. Tags - AWS Tags, Azure Tags and GCP Labels
  10. Certificates - Supported only for AWS Certificate Manager.


Under the Applications section of Inventory, there are three (3) filter buttons:- Known Tags,Tags, and Applications. Within each of these options, Valtix users can review whether applications are secured by Valtix and also provide workflow to create rules to secure the application.

Known Tags

Known Tags shows applications identified by Application Load Balancers in your cloud account that the Administrator has identified by a known tag. These known tags are specified in the Settings -> Management -> Account -> Application Tags.

Link for more information on how to configure Application Tags.


Tags shows all applications identified by Application Load Balancers with fields showing the tag keys and tag values and whether these applications are secured by Valtix Gateways.


Application shows all Load Balancers and API Gateways for the Cloud accounts.