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Azure Overview

Preparing an Azure environment for use by Valtix Controller assumes that you already have a Subscription and it is associated to an Azure Active Directory.

Overview of steps

  1. Register an application with Azure Active Directory
  2. Create a custom role under Access Control (IAM) for the Subscription
  3. Assign the role to the application
  4. Optionally create a User Assigned Managed Identity for access to KeyVault and Blob Storage
  5. Accept Marketplace Terms

Scripted setup

The above steps are scripted in bash and can be found here. To run the script simply:

  1. Open Azure Cloud Shell (Bash) in the subscription you wish to register as account in Valtix
  2. Download the bash script and run the script.

The output from the script are all the parameters needed to register a new cloud account in Valtix controller.

To perform these steps manually or if you cannot run the scripted setup mentioned above, follow the steps in the next pages.