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OCI Centralized Ingress

In a centralized ingress deployment, a Service VCN will be used as a centralized security hub to connect all spoke VCNs and route traffic using Local Peering Groups (LPGs) for intra-Region protection and Dynamic Routing Groups (DRGs) for inter-Region protection. The Service VCN will use an OCI Load Balancer (LB) as the destination for all ingress traffic. The LB will load balance traffic across one or more Valtix Gateway instances deployed to accommodate protection. The Valtix Gateway will act as a Reverse Proxy to inspect and protect northbound traffic destined for applications and workloads.

Deployment Architecture

Valtix Ingress - Deployment

Traffic Flow

Valtix Ingress - Traffic Flow

Routing Configuration

Valtix Ingress - Routing

Security Groups Configuration

Valtix Ingress - Security Groups