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Add AWS Account to the Valtix Controller

Once you prepared the AWS account as described in the previous sections, you can link that Cloud account to the Valtix Controller.

Add Cloud account

  1. Login to the Valtix Dashboard using the credentials provided by Valtix
  2. Click Manage -> Accounts
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Type a name for this AWS account. You can choose to name this the same as your AWS account name. This name is visible on the Valtix Controller only
  5. Provide your AWS account number
  6. Select AWS_IAM_ROLE in the Credentials (Default)
  7. Type the IAM role ARN of valtixcontrollerrole (from the CF template it's the output value of ValtixControllerRoleArn)
  8. In the External ID type 123456789 that we used in the setup in the previous section. Or you can copy the external id shown here in the UI and edit the IAM role's trust relationship to use this new external id. For production accounts it is recommended to make this change instead of using the default 123456789.

Edit the IAM role on AWS Console

  1. On AWS console edit the IAM Role valtixcontrollerrole (Default name created by CF unless you override with a different prefix)
  2. Under Trust relationships tab, click Edit trust relationship
  3. Replace 123456789 with the External ID shown on the Valtix Dashboard UI and save
  4. Wait approximately 10 seconds before continuing on the Valtix Dashboard
  5. Click Finish