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This document specifies the role-based access permissions for a user of the Valtix Controller. There are three types of users namely admin_super, admin_rw, admin_read-only and two types of actions/permissions:

  • Modify (create / update / delete) - Full Access to the Valtix Controller
  • Read - Read only access to the Valtix Controller
Settings Page in Valtix Controller Super Admin Read_Write Admin Read Only Admin
Users Modify Modify everything, except user admin_super Read
MFA Enable / Disable MFA Enable / Disable to any user (including admin_super) MFA Enable / Disable to any user, except admin_super Read
Reset MFA Reset MFA to any user if enabled Reset MFA to any user if enabled, except admin_super Read
API Keys Modify Read Read
Roles Read Read Read
Account > Application Tags Modify Modify Read
Account > Email Domains Modify Read Read
System Read Read Read
Metering Read Read Read
Alert Profiles
Services Modify Modify Read
Alert Modify Modify Read