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Datadog Log Forwarding


Datadog is a very common and powerful SIEM that is used by many companies. Valtix supports Log Forwarding to Datadog to send security events and other log information for processing, storage, access and correlation. The information sent is in an unstructured JSON format where Datadog can process the attribute-value pairs.


In order to forward logs to Datadog, you will need the following information:

  • Datadog account
  • Endpoint URL
  • API Key


Profile Parameters

Parameter Deonticity Default Description
Profile Name Required A unique name to use to reference the Profile
Description Optional A description for the Profile
SIEM Vendor Required Datadog The SIEM used for the Profile
Skip Verify Certificate Optional Unchecked Whether to skip verifying the authenticity of the certificate
API Key Required The Datadog API Key to allow Valtix to communicate with Datadog
Endpoint Required The endpoint used to access Datadog to send events