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Inventory belongs in the Discover element of Valtix's approach of Discover, Deploy and Defend and is fundamental to how Valtix dynamically secures your Cloud resources. Having real-time visibility into the current resources deployed in Cloud accounts is not only important for billing purposes, but also for maintaining consistent Security across your Cloud accounts. Through permissions granted to the IAM role (AWS), AD app registration (Azure) or the service account (GCP), Valtix will continuously maintain an "evergreen" inventory model of the Cloud resources that exist in your Cloud Service Provider accounts, Subscriptions and Projects that are relevant to apply advanced network security. Once discovered, the resources are then made available in workflows that enable Administrators to quickly deploy Security Rules to mitigate risks of exposed applications.

As example, the creation of a dynamic, user defined instance key\value Tag as an Address Object as a source for your Policy Rule. Inventory will ensure that for any new instance that has this Tag will inherit the Policy Rule.