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The Users page lists all the accounts that are permitted to access the Valtix Controller. Accounts are assigned a ‘Role’ which defines the read-write or read-only privileges to create, edit or view configurations and event logs.

Upon creation of a Valtix Cloud service account for a new organization, an Administrator account is created with Super-User administrative access to the Valtix Cloud service. This Super-User account will have full privileges to create and edit configurations, create additional sub-administrators and to deploy Valtix Cloud Gateways into your Cloud accounts.

Tech Notes

As a best practice, it is highly recommended to change the password on initial login and to use strong passwords. Authentication to your Okta account is supported, and is documented in this guide.

Create a User

To create a new Administrator account you must be logged in as the Super-User.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Management -> Users
  2. Click Create User
  3. Enter the user information.

Tech Notes

If external authentication to Okta is enabled, the Password field is not displayed.

Usernames are in the format of an email address. The entered Name and Email fields will be joined to create the username.

The value for the ‘Email’ will be the username used to login, while the Name will be used to reference the created user object.

Parameter Description
Name Enter the name, e.g. Bob-Ops
Email Enter the users email, e.g.
Password Up to 64 characters, supported special characters include alpha (upper and lower case), numeric and special characters (!, @,#, $, %, &)
Role Select the role [admin_read-only, admin_rw]
MFA Check this box to enable the Multi-Factor Authentication for the user being created

Changing a Password

To change your password, log into the Valtix Controller user interface.

  1. Click on the username in the upper right hand of the user interface. A new window will appear to enable the option to change the password for that user.
  2. To change your password, enter the old password and the new password.
  3. The new password must meet the criteria noted in the change password window. Click Save to reset the password.

List User Accounts

The users table lists all the user accounts created. For each user a column shows if the user is logged in and the number of active login sessions. Valtix does not currently support forced log-out of active sessions.