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Egress HTTP Proxy Traffic

Valtix Gateway is now configured to accept traffic on port 80 from any source. Run a sample curl command from the EC2 instance and check the logs

  1. SSH to the EC2 instance created in the spoke1-vpc
  2. curl
  3. Note a successful response
  4. Navigate to to Investigate -> Flow Analytics -> All Events
  5. Select the Gateway from the top pulldown
  6. Check that the logs appear in the table
  7. There are 2 sessions created:
    1. EC2 instance ➡ Valtix Gateway
    2. Valtix Gateway ➡
  8. Check the FQDN column and verify that it shows
  9. Check the Rule ID column and verify that it show the rule name that was configured (any-egress-http)
  10. Click on the Session ID to see the logs only for this session. (We will use this Session ID later to check more things)