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CloudFormation Template

Creates the Valtix required IAM roles and attach policies using a CloudFormation template.

Run CloudFormation Template

  1. Click this link to launch the CloudFormation template
  2. Log into the required AWS Account using the AWS Management Console
  3. Select the AWS region. Even though IAM is region independent, this template creates a CloudWatch Event Rule that requires a region
  4. Enter the parameter values as required:
    • Enter a Stack name. For example, valtix-resources.
    • ExternalId - This value can be changed later in the IAM role, leave it to the default (123456789)
    • RoleNamePrefix – Enter a prefix to be added to all of the IAM roles that are created. For example, prefix valtix would create an IAM role called valtix-firewall-role. It is recommended that valtix or valtix-<some-other-word> is used as prefix so you can easily identify the roles that were created for Valtix in the IAM page. (This tutorial assumes the prefix as valtix and all the examples use that to refer to the resources. If you use a different prefix replace the example resource names appropriately)
    • ValtixControllerAccount – Enter the information which was provided by Valtix at the time of onboarding. This is the AWS Account ID where the Valtix Controller operates. This account is owned and operated by Valtix.
  5. Select the checkbox I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names, and then click Create Stack.
  6. Check the Events and Outputs tab of the CloudFormation Stack details for the progress. Allow 2 to 3 minutes for successful completion. If an error is displayed, check the AWS message to verify that the user running the CloudFormation template has the required IAM permissions to run templates and create IAM roles.


From the Outputs tab, copy and paste the following information in to a text editor:

  • CurrentAccount (This is your AWS Account ID where applications run and Valtix Gateways will be deployed)
  • ValtixControllerRoleArn
  • ValtixFirewallRoleName
  • ValtixCloudwatchEventRoleArn